Welcome to Ace Pool & Spa

Ace Pool & Spa is a Nashville based pool service business. Our core services include Pool Cleaning, Pool Remodeling, Liner Replacement, and Pool Equipment Maintenance. We service all Middle Tennessee.

Call or Text (615) - 270 - 9864 Email: Nashville@AcePoolandSpaService.com

Alex Headshot

Alexander Johnson - Owner

Hi I'm Alex, owner of Ace Pool and Spa. I am a Nashville native by birth, although I grew up overseas. I think up to the age of 15 I spent more time in the water than on the land. I started Ace Pool and Spa in the summer of 2017 to help pool owners in Nashville who are tired of battling algae or aren't happy with their current pool cleaning company.


Paul - Service Manager

Paul spends most of his time being a soccer star, but when he is off the field he spends some time helping us out clean your pools. Forget high school chemistry, pool chemistry is way more fun! We love pools thats what makes us so good at cleaning them.

Pool Cleaning


  • Ace Pool & Spa uses only safe, professional grade chemicals.

  • We balance water chemistry to insure maximum water sanitation and clarity

  • Inspect pool equipment pumps, filters, etc...

  • Remove solid debris.

  • Clean the skimmer basket.

  • Brush the pool tiles.

  • Service the pool filter

  • Clean silt and dirt from the pool bottom

  • Backwash the pool pump

  • Brush the pool wall.

  • Adjust the pool water level when needed

Enjoy your pool while Ace Pool & Spa removes the worry associated with pool maintenance and takes care of the cleaning.  Let Ace Pool & Spa provide the maintenance and cleaning while you enjoy your pool!

No matter how terrible your pool looks, THERE IS HOPE! We have seen it all and in few short weeks we can transform your frog infested pond of a pool to the neighborhood party spot.


As long as there are not any trees growing out of your pool we can probably fix it. :)


Pool Water Chemistry

Most people don’t realize that the pool pump and filter are not the most important parts of their pool set up. The chemistry of your pool is just as, if not more important than the pool equipment. This is definitely something that many people can do on their own with a little training and practice but if you are not confident in this area, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to do monthly check ups on your pool to help re-balance the pool water that you have been doing yourself, or take over your pool maintenance and give you more time in the pool to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Pool Liner Replacement

Is your Pool Liner falling in? Bleached out? Riddled with holes?

In any of these circumstances your in ground pool or above-ground pool may be ready for a replacement liner.

This pool hadn’t been used for a few years when the new owners moved in. See below.


But in just an afternoon we had a new liner installed. And the customer was in the pool the next day, after it was full of water.