As the fun in the sun comes to a close this year its time to start thinking about getting the pool closed safely and properly so that you can get back in as quickly as possible.


Chemical Treatment

Getting the chemicals in your pool water is an essential part of closing it down for the season. Its more that pouring in gallons of chlorine, leaving it and hoping for the best. There are over 7 chemicals that we balance for pool closings to make sure that the algae is minimal when you open the pool for the season and you can get back in it as soon as possible for the summer.



Having your pool covered is a big part of the closing process. If you pool is not covered for the season it will fill with leaves and algae 


Blow water out of lines

This is the most important part of the whole process. Sitting water in the skimmer, drain and return lines is what causes pipes to break from feezing over the winter.