Swimming Pool Service & Cleaning

Ace Pool & Spa specializes in creating an enjoyable pool experience. Here at Ace Pool and Spa our goal is to eliminate the work and stress that occurs with pool cleaning and maintenance.  We operate in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Hindersonville, Mt. Juliet, and the surrounding 

Your backyard swimming pool is a major investment you need to decide how best to protect it. Regular, reliable, professional service is the best way to protect your swimming pool.  Ace Pool and Spa can help you with that.  Ace Pool & Spa's main focus is to meet your needs, and reduce the time, effort, and frustration that you spend on swimming pool maintenance.  Listed below are the items that make up the our maintenance and cleaning schedule:


  • Ace Pool & Spa uses only safe, professional grade chemicals.

  • We balance water chemistry to insure maximum water sanitation and clarity

  • Inspect pool equipment pumps, filters, etc...

  • Remove solid debris.

  • Clean the skimmer basket.

  • Brush the pool tiles.

  • Service the pool filter

  • Clean silt and dirt from the pool bottom

  • Backwash the pool pump

  • Brush the pool wall.

  • Adjust the pool water level when needed

Enjoy your pool while Ace Pool & Spa removes the worry associated with pool maintenance and takes care of the cleaning.  Let Ace Pool & Spa provide the maintenance and cleaning while you enjoy your pool!

Let us know if you are having a pool party and we can set you up with the materials and knowledge to keep your pool in top shape until our next visit.